Griffin Reserve Powerbank USB-C - 15,600 mAh

Griffin Reserve Powerbank USB-C - 15,600 mAh

Reliable, safety-tested and certified portable power where and when you need it. Reserve Power Banks deliver safe, dependable power for phones, tablets, GPS units, wearable and most other devices that charge via USB. And at 15,600 milliamp Hours of capacity, this is the one power bank you need to venture far, far off the beaten path.


Charge On The Go – UL-tested and certified Li-Ion batteries recharge from any wall charger, car charger or laptop/PC. Then connect your Lightning cable – or the micro-USB cable that ships with each Reserve Power Bank – to recharge your devices. LED power gauge shows the battery's charge capacity with the push of a button. Slides easily into any pocket, purse, back or backpack so you're never without power.


Charge two devices at the same time – Reserve Power Bank's max-rate charging port delivers 12 watts of charging power (5 volts at 2.4 amps) for charging even the most power hungry a tablet or phone you connect to it. A second charge port delivers 5 watts of power (5 volts at 1 amp) perfect for smartphones and wearables.


More Power to You – How far will 15,600 mAh take you?


  • Smartphone - Up to 6.3 charges
  • Smartwatch - Up to 49 charges
  • Large Tablet - Up to 2.1 extra charges


That's enough to keep you powered up wherever your day (or week) takes you*.


Built & Tested for Long, Reliable Life – Reserve Power Banks' safety-certified Li-Ion cells are secured inside a drop-tested, durable polycarbonate shell. Built-in power management circuits prevent the battery from overcharging, and from charging the attached device at a rate faster than it can safely handle.


* NOTE: Actual performance will vary. Capacities are estimates only, based on the average battery capacities of top-selling Apple and Samsung devices. See your device's owner's manual for power requirements.


Tech Specs


  • Capacity: 15,600 mAh
  • Power To Device: 12 watts (5 volts at 2.4 amps); 5 watts (5 volts @ 1 amp)
  • Materials: Polycarbonate shell, Lithium-Ion power cells